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Article I am having problems with a website I host with you. I brought a domain name with your company; how can I move it to another company?
cPanel is a leading provider of web hosting software but we do not provide any web hosting or domain name registration services. You will need to...
Views: 1660
Article "Write failed: disk quota exceeded." What does this mean?
This means that you have used up the amount of disk space alloted for your account. You will be unable to save anything as you have no space left....
Views: 1356
Article Can I change the domain name associated with my cPanel account?
You will need to contact City Eyez  to get more information about changing your domain name.How can I back up my complete website to a drive...
Views: 1332
Article After I upload a file, it still shows an older version. What's wrong?
Most likely, your browser has stored the older copy in its cache for fast loading of your site. You'll need to clear your browser's cache and...
Views: 1329
Article I'm adding phpBB bulletin board. What are the database name, password and username?
These values should be ones that you create to use with phpBB. You may need them later to access the content of your bulletin board as phpBB stores...
Views: 1320

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